Change management

Organizational change, without proper management, leaves your organization vulnerable to loss of productivity, intellectual capital, and failure to make the changes you need to stay competitive. Working along with your project managers, change managers help smooth the way for organizational transformation–leveraging your most important asset: your people. Our change managers use Prosci’s ADKAR methodology to systematically identify and remove the obstacles facing your employees around change. Effective change management can speed up transitions, saving your organization money, productivity, and maintain good morale.

Let RLC help you ensure your changes are sustainable in your organization, and help you realize your ROI from your projects quickly.

Data Management 

Data is the lifeblood of an organization.  Like blood is required for every organ to function, high quality data is required for every function in an organization to work effectively.  The degree of data quality within an organization is a clear indicator of the organization’s business process maturity and simplicity of decision governance framework.  Poor data quality indicates the absence of standard business processes, weak or non-existent data governance, lack of data standards and unclear decision model.  Good data quality indicates more mature business processes, clear data governance and stewardship.

Organizations need to take little steps in data management in order to reap the benefits of big data.  Data services we offer

  • Work with business stakeholders to define what good data governance & quality looks like
  • Select and define data standards that are used industry wide
  • Initiate and align your organization to effectively govern data
  • Develop processes to measure and maintain data quality
  • Using proven processes, perform data migrations from legacy to new applications
  • Implement leading edge data management applications

“Data issues are a nonstarter for the effective use of analytics.  If the data the organization is using isn’t at least reliable, accurate, timely and adequate, then results of the analytics will be meaningless.  And upstream, senior managers who prefer to drive decisions on their intuition will have cause to be skeptical.”  MIT Sloan Management Review, Spring 2013

Let RLC work with you to increase the data quality of your organization and bring the dream of using big data a reality.

Hydrocarbon Management

The hydrocarbon management value chain is complex, involves multiple hand offs of data and reporting between many departments in your organization. RLC has worked with big oil companies to develop business processes and governance, software solutions, and reporting templates to increase efficiency and profitability of this key production operating function.

RLC works with your current structures and brings years of experience to create a sustainable and economic solution for managing your hydrocarbons.